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PostSubject: Read Before Post   Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:08 pm

If u have donated This is how u should let me know

2.What u want:
3.Paypal Email so i know u donated:

Max Stats 5$
3 Wishes 5$
max Pk Points 8$
Party Hat Set 10$
Full Bandos 10$
Full Armdy 10$
Full 3rd Age 10$
Max Cash 3$
Full Vesta 10$
Full Statius 10$
Anything u want any 1 item at all will be 3$
Dragon Claws 3$
Any Set 4$

Staff Postions:

Mod ~10$
Admin ~30$
Owner ~50$

You will recive and crown in game if u donate atless 1$ all donations go to or Elias&Alex is in charge for the donations
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